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".......The quality of the hardware is superb and the locks were so easy to install that anyone with a screwdriver can do it. The included software package was also easy to install and extremely simple to use. The software and the locks make remote management of our vacation rentals so much easier and have saved us a lot of money that we otherwise would have paid to someone to manage our keys for us. Our guests are also impressed with how simple it is and how well it works......."
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eRL Remote Access Control System Introduction

How the eRL Remote Access Control System Works

1. You generate a 10-digit time sensitive Access Code for your guests after they reserve your rental property.
2. Your guests arrive at your rental property and enter the 10-digit Access Code into the eRL Lock, which verifies the access time information preset by you and allows your guests in accordance to their check-in time.
3. The eRL Lock will control each Access Code access time precisely by using the internal Real Time Clock. Therefore, it will automatically become invalid upon their check-out time.

The eRL Remote Access Control System Consists of Two Parts

1. The eRL Remote Access Controller - An Access Code Generation Software/Program which runs on your computer or Online Management Website. This program is used to remotely manage your eRL Locks by allowing you to generate time sensitive Access Codes for those you allow access to your rental property at the specific time you set for them. This program also keeps an audit log, or view/print event record each time someone accesses your eRL Lock device to increase security.
2. The eRL Lock - The physical lock that is installed on the door of your rental property. This is a self contained, electronically controlled and battery powered single door access device.

No Need for Any Network Connection

There is not any wired or wireless network connection needed for the functioning of this two-part system. The eRL System uses the latest encryption/decryption technology to allow you to generate 10-digit time sensitive Access Codes. This system allows you to remotely control your property by allowing access for anyone, at anytime, from anywhere in the world without the use of a wireless or Internet connection.

Precise Time Control for Multiple Uses

This system allows you to control access times for a variety of uses and types of people.
1. Guests’ and employee’s stay lengths or work hours from one hour to two years, and their check-in/out time or work schedule at any hour of the day. This means that in addition to vacation properties, this system can also be used for long-term rentals.
2. If your property has public facilities such as gyms or swimming pools, you are also able to control the usage period from one day to two years, and daily operation hours at any hour of the day.
3. Allows for temporary access at a pre-determined date and time for people such as maintenance workers coming repairing your property for a short period of time.
To generate Access Codes for different types of uses and people, all you need to do is click the start/end date on the calendar, start/end hour on the hour table, and press the “Generate Code” button in the computer program or website to generate the Access Code. From there, you can easily email, phone, or fax all generated Access Codes to whomever you grant property access to within a few seconds!