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Here is what some of our clients have said about the eRL Smart Lock System

"We are a professional management and marketing company for Short term rentals in the Charlotte County area of Southwest Florida. We had 6 homes with eRL locks during Hurricane Ian. The eRL locks were awesome!
1 Manasota Key Condo - Survived and is still working today!
1 in Rotonda West - survived and is still working today!
2 in Port Charlotte - survived and is still working today!
2 in Englewood - 1 Survived and is still working today!, but one had wear due to extra strong winds, possibly tornado strength, that ripped off the front screen door, the pool cage, the carport, destroyed a shed, and part of the roof... yet the eRL lock on the front door held the front door closed! We did have to replace it but it did exactly what we needed!
We highly recommend eRL Locks! "

Wendy Benson
iTrip Manasota Key and iTrip Punta Gorda, FL, USA

"We recently purchased an eRL Lock for our beach property which we rent out during the season. We previously were using a code lock which codes were created and then needed to be deleted after renters departed. This was not convenient for us or the management company, and someone was able to re-enter the condo after their stay. The management company suggested eRL Lock and this product is exactly what we needed. I contacted customer support prior to purchase and they responded quickly and answered all my questions. The install and set up were no problem with the directions provided. The cloud based code generator is user friendly and offers many options. To say the least, we are extremely satisfied with the product and the tech support staff. "

C. Caruso
Ocean City, MD, USA

"Great customer service, what a relief to have a real person answer when I contact them. I installed an eRL-FE595 five years ago for my B&B and loved it so much I took it with me when I moved to my new place. It’s a win-win for guests, maintenance, me... reliable and simple, frees me up to travel, and works in all temperatures (not like my doorbell!). "

Airbnb host for seven years in Savannah and Tallahassee, USA

"I just wanted let you know that the three eRL locks that I got from you made it through 2 back to back Category 5 hurricanes on St Thomas US VI with flying colors! No water damage! No Malfunctions! Just a normal yearly battery change. I highly recommend this eRL lock system to property owners who cannot always be at their property and have to rely on contracted help, property managers, etc. "

St Thomas, VI, USA

"I spent a long time researching options to manage our beach rental condo and decided to give your product a try. It has worked flawlessly and I am very impressed. I really like the fact that it is not dependent on the internet. I also like the fact that the deadbolt is turned manually so that I don't have to worry about the battery getting run down quickly. Great product....I highly recommend. "

Rockville, MD, USA

"For decades we have been renting out our vacation homes part-time. Mailing keys back and forth to renters, always a hassle and never secure, became increasingly impractical as the economy changed and short-term rentals became the norm. 150 miles away, the location is so rural that losing power and/or phone service is not uncommon. And being located in New England, it's also not uncommon to have stretches every winter when the temperature stays below freezing 24/7 for days on end.
We needed a solid, reliable, remote solution for controlled entry that didn't depend on intermittent internet service, or even hard-wired power, to work.
Five years ago we purchased 3 of your eRL-FE595 locks for our two houses and it's been smooth-sailing ever since. It's quick and easy to generate and email access codes on-demand, and convenient for renters not to have to wait for physical keys, share keys, or mail them back to us. Works great for friends and relatives too!
Long-term service providers like handymen and housekeepers have long-term access codes, but we can easily cancel them individually if the relationship changes, without needing to re-key locks and distribute new keys to those who remain. Emergency service providers can also be given access on very short notice, as-needed, whether for a few hours or a few days. These are all real situations that any property owner will recognize. They happen - they have happened to us - and your eRL locks handle them all.
As for reliability, we had one relatively minor problem, one time, with one lock. Not a catastrophic failure, the lock still worked, but something that needed technical support. One non-fatal problem over a cumulative 15 lock-years of operation is pretty good, but when it happened, support was as fast and effective as we could hope for.
All in all, putting in the eRL locks has been one of those rare decisions I've never had cause to second-guess or regret.
p.s. They look good too!"

Brian M.
New York, USA

"I installed your FE595 Upgrade Kit on a new FE595 lock purchased from Lowes. The installation was simple and after a couple of questions I installed the lock and it works flawlessly. I have 2 condos on Maui and I use another lock (required by the homeowner's association) which requires a $10.00 monthly fee. That lock is similar in operation to the eRL lock with a couple of exceptions. The eRL lock lets me designate check in and check out time to the hour, the eRL lock allows personal codes for 3 - 6 digits, the eRL lock has a built in light, the eRL lock lets me generate a code good for 2 years, and the eRL lock is less expensive. Why would anyone not use the eRL solution!

Ken Green
Holmes Beach, FL, USA

"I want to tell you how much we love the eRL locks we have. We could not operate our facility efficiency without them. We have a small hotel with 9 traditional rooms at one location, 4 suites at another location, and a guest house at yet a third location. We use the eRL lock system to manage all the properties remotely. Our office staff can be given access to the office areas, our cleaning staff can be given access to the rooms they are responsible for with the group codes, repair vendors can be given access with one time codes, and our guest can be given access to their room with the guest codes. Before eRL locks, we used keys and they were a nightmare to keep up with and security was always a concern. We looked at magnetic cards, but they are unreliable.
Now all of our issues are solved with one simple solution-- eRL LOCK!
They are easy to use and support has been awesome. We LOVE eRL LOCK and would be lost without it.
Also, our guest LOVE IT. With the safety and security of knowing that there are NO outstanding keys and that we can use the audit trail reader if we have an issue, it protects both us and the guest!"

Ron A. Mason
Butler, AL, USA

"I wanted to offer this testimonial to the product quality, excellent service, and the high value provided by eRL. I just installed an eRL-FE595 lock on my vacation rental property in Maui and couldn't be happier.
First of all, product quality is great. Using a Schlage lock (FE595) as the basis for the eRL system is really a good idea. It is a well made lock that is easy to install and instills confidence in the property owner as well as the users. The capability added by eRL to add the remote programming feature is exactly what I was looking for. I didn't want to have any sort of wifi, cell phone, z-wave, or zigbee communications in the rental unit. I also didn't want to deal with a home automation hub. But I wanted to be able to provide unique lock codes to my guests that restricted their access to the dates that they had booked. To my great relief, the eRL system does not require any electronic communications to the lock in order to program it. From what I can tell it uses a real-time clock and the private master code to create codes that can be read by the lock using it's internal real-time clock for decryption. The result is a code that is date and time restricted as well as traceable. This is perfect for the rental property owner. I found it very easy to install and program. Everything worked perfectly on the first try.
Secondly, I want to thank you for the excellent service I received during the order process. I was in need of receiving the lock quickly and eRL was able to ship the same day as my order and it arrived in 3 business days. The communications during this process couldn't have been better - I was notified that the lock had shipped and given a tracking number.
Please feel free to use this testimonial and consider me a reference for other customers. I will continue to eRL as I acquire other rental properties. "

Mike Harrigan
San Jose, CA, USA

"We have used eRL locks for over 4 years now on 3 different vacation rental properties, two in Tennessee and now one in Mississippi. They are the best, extremely safe, most efficient and user friendly for owners and guest. We love the idea of programming the locks from my laptop or smart phone while on the go. Each guest is issued their own private door code and this prevents any previous guest from entering the rental property after check out being the codes expire. The software is extremely user friendly and keeps excellent detail records.
We would not trust our vacation rental properties with any other lock or handing out keys where guest could lose the key or make copies….The eRL locks are fool proof.
Thank you eRL Lock & tech support team for your fantastic locks, service & support for the past 4 years, when you find a product that works… stick with it."

R. LeBlanc
Lafayette, LA, USA

"Two years ago I decided to purchase the eRL lock to place on the door of my rental condo which is located in Panama City Beach, Florida. I live in Atlanta, Georgia and manage my rental property from afar, and having this electronic lock has made the process so simple. It is wonderful not to have to worry about getting a key to each of my renters and getting it back from them when they leave. I can create a unique code for each guest that works only for the timeframe that they are staying, and they can easily change it to a 4-6 digit code that's easy for them to remember. It provides a high level of security and peace of mind for me as the owner to know that each guest only has access to the property for the times I have set it to work. Guests have shared with me that they appreciate not having to carry a key on their vacation, or lose it in the sand at the beach. It creates a more relaxing way to vacation for sure. It provides me with a convenient way to allow my cleaning staff access with their own unique code. I'm also able to generate a code that can be active in a matter of minutes should a problem occur and a plumber or Heating/AC professional need to access the property for repair. If you are unsure about purchasing the optional audit feature, it is the one thing I regret not doing when I purchased the lock. While I haven't had any problems, I can see the value of being able to know who has tried to access my property and when it occurred. This lock provides me with an efficient way for me to manage my rental property from 300 miles away. I will most certainly purchase and install this lock on any future rental properties that I own/manage."

Ember Fordz
Atlanta, GA, USA

"We would like to let you know how pleased we are with our eRL keyless lock system!

We have had the eRL keyless lock on our short term, rental, beach condo for 2 years. We are very happy with the entire system from the purchase of the eRL lock to contacting eRL Lock customer service via email (& getting an almost immediate response!).
The installation process of the eRL lock was not difficult; assigning individual keyless codes online to our short term renters is quick & simple; our guests like the fact that their code is individual & that they can change it to a 3-6 digit short code of their choice upon arrival. We have had no problems with the eRL lock at all.
The lock is more expensive than purchasing a keyless lock from a home goods store, but the eRL Lock does not charge us a monthly or yearly fee - for us there was only the cost of the eRL lock itself.
Again, we recommend the eRL Lock highly! "

-Susan & Richard Piper
Ocean Springs, MS, USA

"I own a property in a resort area which I rent out. I am so glad that I bought the eRL system from you 5 years ago and that I no longer have to mail and retrieve keys from my tenants. I always worried that someone would duplicate the key and be able to gain entry at another time. Now, with the eRL system, I don’t have to worry about that. My tenants love it, too. They don’t have to keep asaking, “Who has the key?”. Everyone in the family only has to punch in 3-6 numbers to gain entry. I also must say that your tech support is outstanding……fast and easy. I recommend it to all my friends."

Allentown, PA, USA

"I highly recommend the eRL System and it would be the perfect solution for what you need. We have used them on more than 5'000 properties that we manage in different markets/weather across the country and have no complaints at all.
They are super easy to install, takes about 10 mins, and the security of them with each guest getting a unique code for just their dates cannot be beat."

TurnKey Vacation Rentals
Austin, TX, USA

"I've been an erentallock customer for the last 3 years. The product is excellent in quality, operation, and most importantly support. I received excellent support when I purchased the product initially, but that isn't even the most amazing part. I had a generic battery in the unit when I initially installed it. 3 years (almost to the day) later, the battery dies. I had a key with me so I could get in. I couldn't find the documentation on battery replacement and reprogramming, and of course it was a Sunday. I sent an email to the company through this site, and within an hour I think I had a response with an attachment and detailed instructions that were easy to follow. I put a name brand battery in the lock so I look forward to another 3 years of trouble-free operation! I wish I owned more rental properties so I could purchase more erentallock products!"

-Howard Pressman
Doylestown, PA, USA

"We’ve been using the eRL locks on our 18 public facilities in Montgomery Parks since Dec. 2012 and it has been a great asset to our Agency. The number of customers who have to come to our office has reduced greatly which has increased our customer satisfaction tremendously. We can now send them their access codes and not have to worry about travelling to our office to pick up keys for their event rentals or to view one of our facilities before booking them. They are great for our application and we’re very pleased with the results."

Silver Spring, MD, USA

"I purchased the upgrade kit from eRentalLock that allowed me to convert my existing Schlage keypad lock to an eRL lock. The kit consisted of a replacement circuit board that was the same size and shape as the original one. This, and the high level of clarity of the conversion instructions, made the conversion process simple and straightforward. I was so pleased with the performance of my converted lock and the functionality of the eRL code generation website that I purchased a second lock from eRentalLock for use on another door. Both locks have been 100% reliable and eRentalLock Support always answers my questions very promptly."

Galveston, TX, USA

"Mar. 25, 2015

We have been using the eRL system since Apr, 2011. We approached eRL system because we were looking for a way to show our properties without having to be at the property and to show the properties after business hours during the week and weekends. The eRL support team helped us by providing locks that were easy to install and by providing a great user interface that allowed us to give out one time use codes to our clients while recording the history of each code. The result was a breath of fresh air because we didn't have to worry about being stood up at appointments and our clients could view the properties whenever they wanted. One thing I liked was the eRL support team's willingness to work with us to customize the user interface. I found the experience refreshing from a customer service perspective. I would recommend the eRL system to people who need the capability to allow access into rooms, sectors, or entire buildings while also tracking who was given the access and for what time periods."

-Wiley Billingsley - Chief Administrative Officer
Brickleys Franchising Group
Albuquerque, NM, USA

"I just wanted to pass my thanks to you for a great product. I've been using it for a few weeks now and it was a simple installation and the process to generate codes is easy to use.
Just wanted to say thanks - It's made my (vacation rental management) life much easier!"

-Todd Doyle
Eastsound, WA, USA

"My wife and I love the eRL lock system. It is well thought out and works superbly for our AirBnB rental home. It is fantastic to have a digital lock that is unaffected by Internet or power failures. I studied at all the digital locks on the market (I am an engineer) and found that none of the other solutions met our needs. We wanted a system that would work during a power outages, work at our property if the Internet was down, and have a very long battery life. Additionally, we did not want to require our guests to have a certain type of cell phone or cell phone App.
eRL system does it all! We can create or change a code from anywhere in the world, I have extended a guests stay while riding a chairlift during a ski trip. No Internet is required for the system to fully function. I love that the battery lasts more than a year (I really do not know how long the battery lasts, as I replace it once a year anyway). I also like that eRL lock uses standard Schlage lock components. The eRL lock makes a good Schlage lock great and is much better than Schlage’s own digital lock solution.
The eRL system generates a letter for our guest each time we generate a new code. It is very good, and with the added ability to modify it for anyones individual situation, we have added directions and other tips. We also love the guest tracking function. If we want to be certain who was give a code for which days, it is all recored and easily accessible. We have codes for guests, codes for certain days for cleaners and long term codes for us, the eRL R&D engineers have though of everything!
When we first installed the lock, I was worried that guests would have a hard time using the 10 digit code and the directions to program a short 4-6 digit personal code. It is all well described in the standard letter generated for each guest and none of our guests have had any issues using it.
Our rental property would certainly be much harder to manage without this wonderful product. We have just purchased a new property and another lock for it. I will also be adding one to our family’s vacation home."

-Peter Aichinger
Solvang, CA, USA

"Mar. 10, 2015

We just want to drop you a note and let you know how much we love the eRL locks on our 60 properties which we have been using for 4 years!
The eRL system is extremely efficient and reliable as promised. We are able to control who is going in and out of the homes without worry and the ability to check history has been invaluable! And maybe the best part is your continued fantastic customer service to us. You are always quick with a reply and give easy to understand instructions.
Thank you, for all that you do! "

-Melodee Scheffler - Office Manager
Nordic Real Estate, LLC
Clermont, FL, USA

"I have been using the eRentalLock since Summer 2010. The lock works flawlessly since then. The support team at eRentalLock is fantastic! My eRL lock and Code Generation Program has always been easy to use, but I had a problem when the hard drive crashed on my computer and I had no way to generate codes. The support engineer was super-responsive through email to get me an online acct to use to generate codes and helped me step by step through what to do to set it up. I highly recommend them!"

-Cheryl Harte
Angel Fire, NM, USA

"Nov. 30, 2014
Dr Pierre Wilhelm
Mariela Wilhelm
Edmonton, AB
Homeaway 399162 (owners since July 2009); club zone Cancun condo

We have used this system since July 2011. Our vacation home is in Cancun, we live in Edmonton, Canada. Before switching to the keyless entry mode, our property was rented without us knowing. This allows us to control our condo. The only issue we've had is: we used the battery provided in the box and it died after a few months, make sure you get a new battery (Duracell) and do not use the one that comes in the package. My hubby had to fly to Cancun to reprogram the lock/change battery (as we had left no key). Since then we have left a key with trustworthy person. We check the battery a few times a year and change it once a year. The system has been durable even with the sea air, it has not rusted. We have changed our door once since we installed this system. I would buy this system anytime if I need to."

-Mariela Wilhelm
Edmonton, AB, Canada

"October 20,2014
Dear Team at eRental Lock,
I would like to share my story of your amazing service!
I was very apprehensive about using the eRL lock as I am not really on the tech side ...like I am hands on with a key. A key ...I get! :)
Before purchasing the eRL lock, my questions were endless... What it the guest can not figure out all the ins and outs of how to get in. What if this ...what if that...My apprehension was enormous... it was like standing on a very high diving board ! I plunged in and bought the eRL lock because every time I had a question...tech support just seem to care and be responsive. Trust me my questions were really just primary and for a tech like these guys my questions were truly silly but I would ask and they would answer. Also, I was influenced by the many positive testimonies!
Then came the BIG ONE...I now had the eRL lock and I forgot my log in password ...it was midnight...guests were soon arriving. Worst possible nightmare. I emailed eRL tech support and it was a week end...My mind was running wild with QUESTIONS... Would they be as responsive to someone who already purchased the lock as they were to a potential customer? Would I hear back in a reasonable time? Would they answer on the week end? Would i have to wait till Monday? Would I get an answer at all? Did they know my password??? How will this play out?
I KID YOU NOT...WITHIN 10 MINUTES I HAD MY PASSWORD EMAILED TO ME... AFTER MIDNIGHT... ON A WEEK END! I was in shock! What amazing service! I was over the moon with gratitude and so appreciative for the quick response that I received! A big mahalo to all of you at eRentalLock!
With the amazing service that i received, I knew I needed to write this testimony! We must give back good words for those who do good things! Know with eRentalLock... we, owners of vacation rentals, are not alone ...we have a team behind us that supports our work and for this I am very grateful!
It even gets better ...the guests LOVE THE eRL lock!
To all of you at eRentalLock...Thank you for your continued support!"

-Darline Dye
Kona, Hawaii, USA

"I feel that to run a professionally operated vacation rental from afar with the security and privacy guests expect, a system like eRentalLock is invaluable.
I installed them on my gate and front door. I simply go online (from phone or computer) generate an access code that starts working at check-in time and stops an hour after check-out time (in case they need to run back to get a forgotten item). It allows me to generate codes for my property manager that work around the clock and long-term (2 years). Or I can generate codes for the pool guy or gardener only on Tues/Fri between 11-3 so they don’t interrupt my guest's privacy without having to ask us for a temporary code. We allow dogs so it is important for dog owners know when strangers may come on-site. We can generate a gate code only for deliveries, or for a service tech for tree trimming, exterior repair etc. Or during a reno, can give the code to the contractor that only works during the period he is allowed to be on-site, i.e. M-F 6am-5pm Aug 1-15.
The codes are ten digits long and are easily programmed by the guest or worker to a four digit code of their choice and they can make the gate and door the same. They are not reliant on the internet to get programmed! The creator is some kind of math genius and as I understand it, it works by an infinite number of algorithms programmed for start and end times and the system is installed in housing by Indiana headquartered Schlage. This means if your wifi goes down, or power goes out, this lock still works! It adjusts for daylight savings and you just set your time zone on the computer. The batteries should be replaced every two years, we do ours every year preventatively.
All my guests can feel confident that no past guests can re-enter the house. And insurance wise too, were we ever to have a burglary, I can attest no past guests or workers have a valid way of accessing. We still use a Do Not Copy key on the garage door but are also thinking of upgrading this to an eRentalLock because I think all of us have had experiences where smaller lock shops will still copy them for you, it is just not as secure. We have a master code and can cancel codes at the lock itself if we fire a contractor (not online with this system). You can also buy an audit trail reader so you can see when people have used their code to enter (i.e. is the pool guy really coming twice a week?). The amount of property management time saved not paying someone to stand there and wait for service technicians is massive.
I love it, and I generate codes for each unique stay, even friends and family, so they can create their own easy to remember entry code. We installed ours in 2012 and have never looked back. Any questions or hiccoughs have been promptly addressed by their customer service email."

-Angela, owner of a luxury California vacation house rental property
La Quinta, CA, USA

"We have a cottage on Mission Beach in San Diego, California that we rent through VRBO. We have found the eRL system invaluable as it allows us to manage the home remotely granting access for set periods of time. We put an eRL locks on both the front and back door for extra security. We have had them for 3 1/2 years and so far no failure.
We purchased a lake front home on Lake Almanor in Northern California and put eRL locks on it as well.
I would not own a vacation rental without eRL locks.
I have also found the support provided by eRL support team invaluable. Although the issues have all been me they have been very helpful whenever I couldn't figure something out."

-Ross S.
San Diego, CA, USA

"We purchased a condo located in Fort Walton Beach, FL on Okaloosa Island to rent to vacationers in May 2014, but we live in KY. We had done the research and didn’t want to be locked in to a monthly access fee, although several of the other condo owners use a system that they have to pay that monthly fee or use an actual key. We didn’t want the headache of lost keys, people staying longer or gaining access earlier than intended. After reading the reviews we decided to use eRentalLock. We have been more than happy with eRentalLock and their team. Given that the lock itself is a Schlage brand lock and it can be keyed to match other Schlage locks was a huge positive! Not only do we use the eRentalLock, we also have a Schlage deadbolt lock above it (not that it’s needed, but gives added piece of mind to tenants) and a Schlage deadbolt lock on the owner’s closet (cleaning supplies). All three Schlage locks are keyed the same. It cost us a mere $20.00 to have a locksmith key them to match. Now, the property manager and cleaning crew only need to worry about one key (although we’ve given them an access code for entry). When we purchased our unit, a unit next to ours was sold to another couple and they went with the lock that required a monthly fee and we’ve openly expressed how much we love the eRentalLock system to them, among a few other owners, as well as a few locksmiths. The directions emailed to the tenant, directly after generating an access code are very informative and give great directions to change the 10-digit code to a 3-6 digit code for the tenants to use during their stay. Not one tenant has complained or had an issue with the lock. The online management system is super easy to use as well as using it on the go with our phones. We never thought we’d have the need to use the online management system to email a tenant an access code, while we were away from home. Never say never! We had recently stayed at the condo for a week and a few days upon our departure would’ve been empty. As we traveled back to KY, somewhere in AL, we got a call from a couple wanting to rent the unit for those two nights. They paid upfront, online and we accessed the online management system (while we were getting gas) and sent them their access code. We can’t say enough about eRentalLock! We do plan to purchase more units in the future and will continue to use this lock and recommend it to others as well. Feel free to contact us, if you have any questions. But know this…being a first time condo owner and living so far away…well…just having this system has put our minds at ease. One less thing to worry about!"

-Chris & Katrina Chilton
Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA

"Dear eRentalLock,
We are writing to say that we are absolutely delighted with thr eRentalLock that we installed at our property, Nirvana at Montville, on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia. The lock works flawlessly and has really freed us up from the very expensive real estate agent that managed our property.In fact, all they did was hand over and collect keys at a very high cost to us. By installing your eRL lock, we are saving the huge commission we were paying the agents as well as having the ability to open up the property from anywhere in the world at less than 5 minutes notice! Our operations now look more professional and no lost keys to be replaced. We have already recommended your product to all our friends and are happy to communicate with any of your potential customers who have any questions or doubts about the lock. Thank you for such a brilliant product!"

-Rekha & Shekhar Sharma
Nirvana at Montville, Queensland, Australia

"August 9, 2014

Dear eRentalLock:

My wife and I want to pass along a testimonial as to the value of your product.
We have four vacation rentals, one of which is attached to our home and the others are remote, at the coast. Last Thursday, someone robbed the apartment that is attached to our home and made off with some belongings of our current rental guests, including a tablet computer and expensive sunglasses. Two things make this very ironic: First, we have never had a robbery at our home in the nearly 40 years we have lived here; Second, we had just decided to change our traditional, outmoded key lock for a new eRentalLock and purchased it, but it had only just shipped and arrived the day after the robbery.
There is no doubt that the robber had a key – we have been renting our unit out since late May of this year, and only 12 rentals during that time, so in our case it didn’t take that many people to find one rotten one.
If there was ANY question about the cost/value of these locks, it was dispelled immediately when I got the call at midnight from our guests who just got back from their evening out to find things disheveled. Needless to say, I installed it the minute it arrived. We have already ordered four more locks to use at the coast, and Debi has shared our unfortunate experience with some of the on-line forums she consults with.
I realize that our unfortunate experience just speaks to the value of the method of locking (non-access to keys for the guests), but we spent considerable time reading reviews by others in the vacation rental industry, plus our own technical review and came away really liking the eRentalLock approach.
The support engineer there has answered all of our many questions and seems to never sleep! "

-Rob and Debi Hertert
Portland, Oregon, USA

"I have been using the eRentalLock since Summer 2010. The lock works flawlessly since then. The support team at eRentalLock is fantastic! My eRL lock and Code Generation Program has always been easy to use, but I had a problem when the hard drive crashed on my computer and I had no way to generate codes. The support engineer was super-responsive through email to get me an online acct to use to generate codes and helped me step by step through what to do to set it up. I highly recommend them!"

-Cheryl Harte
Angel Fire, NM, USA

"I purchased an eRL-08 back in 2008 for a Condo I rent out in Florida! Until today, May 12, 2014, the unit has worked flawlessly and the software that comes with it is very easy to use! I am looking to install additional units in my other units! I would highly recommend the eRL lock to anyone in the vacation rental business!"

-Gerry Everitt
Panama City, FL, USA

"As the operations manager for over 150 vacation rental properties, I am very pleased at how this product has reduced installation time and with no need for Wi-Fi dependency, it has all but eliminated service calls.
Providing a unique access code to every check-in gives our guest and our company tremendous peace of mind, not to mention a sales advantage.
Round it out with the one-two punch of Schlage’s lifetime guaranty for the mechanism & finish and you have a real knock-out.
Kudos to www.eRentalLock.com!"

-John Ricci
Clearwater, FL, USA

"I have been in the vacation rental business a long time and have 10 of these locks in service today and have never had any trouble with them. These are the best locks I have found for many reasons. For starters, the support and personal service from eRentalLock is second to none. They reply to emails almost immediately, and if you suggest an improvement to their software, they listen! Their locks are affordable, and there is no annual fee to use them - you own a copy of the software, or can just use their website. Their locks have more options for generating codes than the bigger name and more expensive competitors, and you can see past history of codes, plus they have an option to email the code and instructions to the guest. You can easily install these and change batteries yourself going forward. These locks are basically off-the-shelf Schlage locks, which are some of the best quality locks you can buy, and should you have any issues, any local locksmith will be familiar with them. "

-Jeff Marken
Destin, FL, USA

"About two years ago, our vacation rental company took over the management of a studio condo hotel in Fort Walton Beach, Florida that was still using hard keys for all of their guests and owners. One of our top priorities for this project was to get electronic locks installed on all of the properties that would be doing rentals. Our familiarity was with Kaba locks but our owners did not want to have the extra month fee that comes with the Kaba brand. So we began testing a few different products that we thought would work the best and were the most reasonable priced without a monthly fee. eRentalLock was one of those products and found that it had a web based software to generate/manage codes, used the Schlage brand lock which was very high quality and the customer service was phenomenal. Many questions came up during our testing/installation phase. eRentalLock support was always right there to answer all of our questions right away and was able to help us deal with any issues that arose. We currently have approx. 70 eRentalLock locks on our properties and couldn't be happier with the decision to go with them. You will not find a better an electronic lock for your money. "

-Ben Zeirott, Director of Operations
Santa Rosa Beach, FL, USA

"I wanted a locking system that was easy to install, manage and maintain. I did a lot of research and inquiries as to which would be the best to satisfy my requirement. So, 4 years ago, I stumbled upon the eRL lock. I have been using the locks (two of them) since then and have had no issues whatsoever. I own property in the Delaware Shore and rent out the property during the summer months. My renters and guests have nothing to say but compliments about the ease of use of the locks. They always say “No more keys to lose”. The locks provide easy access to me renters – all I do is email the renters the generated codes and give them the option to change the codes to a much easier to remember 3-6 digit code. No complaints because it is so easy for them to do. In addition to a great product, support is tremendous. The tech support knows the products by heart and provides excellent support when needed. The product and support provide an invaluable service. This is the only lock you would need for your rental property or your own home! "

-George C.
Rehoboth Beach, DE, USA

"We have been using the eRentalLock system technology for over a year now on many of our Miami Beach condo rentals. We can honestly say that this technology has really benefited us in many ways and the customer service we get from the eRentalLock team is professional, prompt and outstanding. We actually work most of the time out of our NY office and remotely program codes for each of our unique guests and let me tell you -- it is so simple. Using this systems has many benefits and having the code expire upon check out time acts as a preventative to guests overstaying their welcome. It ensures us that we will have the proper amount of time to clean the property for the next arrival! This is just one of many great benefits. I have already recommended this product to many others in the industry and I will keep doing so. Keep up the good work! "

-Evan H
Miami Beach, FL, USA

"I purchased your eRL-FE595 lock a few years ago. I must say that this lock has been one of the best purchases I ever made - such a timesaver and peace of mind knowing that renters will be able to get into the property and no worries about keys not being left behind. All the renters have not had a problem with the lock either. Thanks for a great product!"

-Paula H
Long Beach Island, NJ, USA

"The eRL lock program has been essential to our successful vacation rentals!
Living in a country other than our rentals has posed a multitude of challenges. Our use of the eRL lock program has been a huge stress reliever. We previously used lock boxes with traditional keys at one location, and at another condo we used a check in desk through the resort lodge. The lock boxes had a very limited offering of codes that we could not be there to change ourselves. The resort desk at the other location began charging a $50 check in fee, even though they also had to provide the keys for resort amenities that we pay for on each guest rental. The solution to all of our long distance guest entry concerns has been the eRL PC access program. We researched before purchasing, and found that the electronic code program offered through Schlage was more costly. With eRL you have a great Schlage lock, but there are no monthly fees. Despite being in a different country; I am able to set up an individual entry code for each guest with specific arrival and departure times on the hour. The program is easy to use from your lap top, and can be accessed any time you have Internet. A history of your codes is stored so you can double check to make sure each guest has a key set up. Codes can not be deleted until after the guest's stay, so you never have to worry about accidentally deleting a future guest's code. The few times I've have had a question about our locks, the eRL staff has responded to me promptly. I can highly recommend the eRL program to any owner or manager offering vacation rentals."

-S. Qualls
Durango, CO, USA

"On behalf of all of us at Walls Property Management, we commend your commitment to excellence in customer service. Your product has helped us in every way possible. Having the ability to not deal with keys anymore is FREEDOM! We currently have installed 50 units and counting. We also are recommending these units to other associates, that's how confident and satisfied we are. Our professionalism and service has increased. Everyone from owners, management, service and guests have been very impressed by these units. We all wish your company continued success."

-Jim, Ofelia, Linda, Al, Marcy, Ahmad and all the crew
North Hills, CA, USA

"I have been an eRL lock owner for 2 years and could not be happier with the product and the customer service. The Support Engineer is always very prompt in answering any questions that I have and this was especially appreciated during installation. Our eRL lock works great and my renters appreciate the fact that there is no key involved. When your renters mention the convenience of the lock in their feedback on a website that you advertise on, you know you have a great product. I also referred another vacation home owner to eRL lock and he is just as happy as we are. A terrific product and excellent customer service is the type of combination that I appreciate and I get both from eRentalLock!"

-John Gaston
Pawley's Island, SC, USA

"I am a Property Manager that uses the eRL-BE365 locks on 16 properties in Government Camp, Oregon. The locks perform perfectly in the cold winter weather, where I have had trouble with others. These locks provide easy access to my owners and guests. The ease of use of the software for generating lock codes is quick to learn and guests love the personalized codes that we make for them during their stay. The headaches and cost of lost keys, rekeying locks, and guest lock outs are one less worry for myself and staff. I highly recommend the investment and future savings that these locks provide."

-Carter Myers
Government Camp, OR, USA

"We did a lot of research, and eRentalLock is by far the best value available anywhere. Not only is the lock itself of the highest quality, but the instructions, software, and customer support are top notch, too. Our guests love the ease of use, and we love the peace of mind we get knowing that our property is secure--without any more lost or duplicate keys floating around. And generating codes for guests, vendors or maintenance personnel couldn't be any easier. You can even do it on the go from your smartphone!
The best part? We've been able to take over marketing and renting our Holden Beach, NC vacation property ourselves, saving us $$$ per year on fees and commissions for our previous management company. The lock paid for itself the first few weeks we used it! If you're shopping around like we did, you can stop looking now. eRentalLock is the best and only vacation home rental lock you'll need!"

-Dave & Lisa Honaker
Cary, NC, USA

"I just want thank eRentalLock for producing such a fantastic product. When we purchased the locks we were only thinking of the convenience of not having to mail keys to friends, family and renters of our property. After a simple install we quickly realized that there were several other benefits. For our family, simply not having to hunt down the keys every day was fantastic. For our renters its a Highlighted feature of the properties as it provides peace of mind, they don’t have to worry about how many past renters were running around with keys.
For home owners or vacation rental owners if you think the convenience is just not having to mail keys, shortly after installing all the locks my wife and I were out of town and received a call from our neighbor that water was running off our roof top deck and it wasn’t raining. Not knowing what was going on, I called the plumber immediately. He was in the area and told me he would be there in 5 minutes. When I told him I wasn’t in town he asked me how he was going to be able to get in. I told him I would text him a code and all he had to do was punch it into the keypad. I used my smart phone and generated a temporary code and texted it to him immediately. He was able to stop the leak quickly and help us avoid what could have been a costly issue. What was even more interesting is that apparently the plumber had left some tools in the house, knowing we were out of town he just decided to go by the house the next morning to pick them up. When he arrived he was surprised to find out he couldn’t get in, so had to call me for another code.
While I know this is exactly how the lock is supposed to function it was the application of the locks functionality that blew me away. This lock is not only the perfect tool for a vacation rental I would recommend to everyone that they get one for all their homes. "

-Craig Graulich
Puntas, Rincon, PR

"I have two locks from eRentalLock on 2 of my vacation rental properties. I love the locks, they allow me to control access to my properties for guests and for workers. I have the locks placed in 2 extremely harsh areas – one in the mountains where temperatures get below freezing nightly and one in the desert where it typical for the temperature to exceed 100 degrees for several months. The support team is very helpful and I highly recommend this product. "

Los Angeles, CA

"Dear eRentalLock,
I just wanted to thank you for the excellent product that you have. Your service when I had a question was excellent and it is so easy to generate a code from my computer at home and email it with instructions to a guest for my beach-house makes the whole rent by owner process a million times smoother.
Thanks again for offering this valuable service. "

-Laura Rose
Jarrettsville, MD

" Just a quick fan letter about how much I love the eRentalLock equipment and system. I have been using the locks on my vacation rental for half year and it’s fantastic. I have new guests about once a week and this system allows me to program the lock with a unique 4 or 6 digit code for each guest. They love because they give the code they want to use so there is no memorizing and I love it as there are no lost keys to replace. Also my place is on a dark street so when the guest come home at night they just touch a button and the keypad lights up for them to enter their code. Great tech support to get you started. I can’t recommend them enough. "

-Tim M.
Santa Monica, CA

"Thank you SO much for your awesome product. When we purchased our rental property in Panama City Beach, FL, I asked around for what locks people use. I wasn't happy with any of them for various reasons. Particularly having to pay a monthly fee. That was something I didn't want to have to worry about, along with mortgage and the associate dues. I also didn't like one of the locks because it didn't have a backlight. I didn't realize how important that was until we actually rented a condo prior to buying ours and had to use our cell phones to key in our code during the night, which also was a "LONG 10 digit code" (that we had to keep with us at all times - it was too long to remember the code). Well I am happy I was persistent because I found eRentalLock's website. I was so excited, but nervous because it was exactly what I was looking for and thought "it's too good to be true". It creates a 10 digit code, but the guest is given instructions on how to create their own 3-6 personalized code. Well I have been using the lock for 6 months now and LOVE it. I now have it on my smartphone, so I can create a code ANYWHERE I am at. I don't even need to be home to create a code - I LOVE it!!!!! AND best of all is their customer service - it's awesome!!! They are there for ANY issues you have. Thank you!!!! "

-Karan Ankney
Wadsworth, OH

"We wanted to take a minute to thank you for your quick response on how to change the master code on our door lock and reinforce with us the information available on the web page. You have answered in lighting speed!
When we purchased the lock a couple of years ago we were excited about the technology of the lock and what it would allow us to do as owners of a vacation rental 125 miles away from where we live. We had been using a property management company and were taking over the management ourselves and really wanted to avoid KEYS. Nasty things that folks forget to put back in the lock box or can’t get out of the lock box or all of the nightmares you can think up with PHYSICAL transfer of items.
Through the web page, our preferred access tool we are able to:
• Easily have a unique code generated for each guest.
• Specify the exact entry date and time and time which the code is ineffective.
• Email directly to the renter the code and the instructions for usage.
• Have a physical log of codes in case someone forgets there code at home.
• Generate codes for the housekeeping service or other service persons who need access.
The unit has never failed and no one has ever called to say they had any problems in accessing the home. We don’t think there is any other way we could have been successful in remote management of our home… be that 5 miles or thousands.
Thanks for a great product and the support"

-Jim & Michele O'Malley
Dundee, OR

"I bought eRentalLock for my rental apartment in Prague, Czech Republic. I think I am the only one here who has it and I cannot be more satisfied. I travel a lot so I am often away from Prague and now I don't have to worry how to get keys to my guests, about lost keys, I don't have to leave a permanent key with the housekeeper, I can email a code to a friend or a family member to go over and check on the apartment when I am gone. I am using it for about 6 months and it's just great. "

-Peter Dubrova
Corpus Christi, TX

"I wanted to write to you to tell you how much we love our new eRentalLock. The convenience of not having to drive every week to meet people to give them keys saves me about 4 hours for each renter not to mention tons of gas money. Our renters love it too! I had one lady that was staying in our rental property alone and she said that she felt more secure knowing 10 other renters before her did not still have access codes. She really liked being able to create her own individual code that nobody else had access to.
I even had one situation when a renter arrived 2 days early and needed access to the property before the code I had already generated became active. She called me on my cell phone to let me know she was here 2 days early, had no place to stay, and was hoping that I could meet her to let her in early. I was 150 miles away in the middle of a home center store! I went to your website on my Smartphone, generated a new code for the early arrival, and was able to text it to her within 10 minutes. She got in early and I went back to my shopping. How great is that?
Thanks for this cutting edge technology. It has made renting almost a hands off experience for us."

-Steve Dutton
East Boothbay, ME, USA

"We have a rental property in New Zealand and we travel extensively (both in NZ and overseas). The eRentalLock solution works great for us - we can take bookings over the Internet, generate a unique code that applies only to the rental period being booked, and advise the code back to the client over the Internet - no matter where we are in the world! The system keeps track of all the allocated codes so we know what is current and what has expired at any time. We got great support from the eRentalLock team when we installed the lock and set up our system. Well done guys! "

-Jeff Channer
Martinborough, New Zealand

"We have installed 2 separate eRentalLocks on our property. One for the house, and one for the garage and we love it. We had a little trouble setting it up at first, but technical support was always there willing and ready to walk us through it until it worked perfectly. It is such a sense of security knowing that our house key isn't in the hands of countless numbers of people. Our tenants love it because they don't have to worry about losing the key, or figuring out who should carry the key. We have large groups of up to 10 staying at the house, so this is especially important for them. It is such a great product and I think every vacation rental owner could benefit from eRentalLock!!! "

Wellfleet, MA, USA

"The lock I purchased from eRentalLock has been working out fantastically. My wife and I own a beach home and allow friends and family to stay there for short vacations. The convenience of the eRentalLock has made the management of their visits possible. Without your lock, we would not be able to provide physical keys to our guests and feel secure with a key entry, typical lock system. The eRentalLock is easy for us to create numeric keys for our guests to use. Our guests also find it very easy to use the eRentalLock and to create their own "special key" once they arrive. We also find it so much more convenient to use our special code on the eRentalLock instead of the physical key for it. The user interface of the eRentalLock software I use is intuitive and easy to use.
Thank you for creating such a wonderful product that fits exactly my use case. How did you know???
Keep up the good work and excellent support. "

Anderson, SC, USA

"I own a large oceanfront vacation rental property on the Outer Banks of North carolina and started using an eRentalLock system about four months ago. I manage the property remotely as I live in Germany so the keyless access system has been a blessing. I no longer have to keep track of numerous keys and I don't need to be present to let guests into the house. The system works brilliantly - even in the harsh oceanfront environment. My only regret is that I didn't start using the eRentalLock system years ago. "

Corolla, NC, USA

"The eRL-BE365 eRentalLock has made my life so much simpler! I have a vacation home at the beach that I also use for an occasional escape as does my family. This lock is worry free, hassle free, cost efficient AND has even saved me money. It has definitely paid for itself already and I’ve had it less than a year!
I sleep better at night knowing I am the only one with a key and I don’t have to worry about someone breaking in when my unit is unoccupied, or worse yet – breaking in while someone is there! I feel safe and my renters feel safe knowing no one else can get in except whoever has the code for the designated time frame. My renters don’t have to pack up their valuables and hide them – or stow them in their car when they go out for a night out on the town. The only people with access are the renters within their designated timeframe! Even the cleaning company gets a code and no key! That way – if for some reason I want to change companies in a pinch, I don’t have to worry about vengeful actions by the former company.
The lock has also saved me money in that when I originally placed my unit for sale on the real estate market, I didn’t have to worry about changing any locks, or driving for hours to get a key to associated persons for various inspections. Also, when it came time for our building’s HVAC inspection, the company said they inspected my unit – when the only one who had the access code (our HOA president) – never opened the condo, we were able to dispute the charges by the HVAC company for work they never completed!
With the new mobile login feature, I can book a week’s rental at the condo while I’m camping in the mountains and not have to worry about how quickly I can get into town to access the internet. So many worries have been lifted from me – I just cannot express my gratitude enough for the amount of gray hairs eRentalLock has saved me! "

-Kathleen King
Belcamp, MD, USA

"I have had the use of the eRentalLock for the past 7 months. It did everything I was looking for. The staff was very helpful with any questions I had and it was very easy to install. It has saved me a lot of money knowing that I can manage my own property on my own terms. I would highly recommend this lock if you were interested in looking after your own home from a remote location."

-Mike Tamaki
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"The eRentalLock is a great investment for any vacation home!
We've been using an eRL-BE365 Deadbolt lock for six months now on a vacation rental property in Lake Tahoe. We use the property as a ski lease in the winter with 13 members and as a summer rental during the spring/summer/fall. The lock is easy to install and extremely convenient to set codes for as many people or times as you need it via the internet. I have separate codes for our cleaner, site manager, each ski lease members and our summer rental guests and I never have to worry about transferring keys back and forth, guest lockouts and the like. The best feature is that you control the timing that the locks work. I live 250 miles from our vacation rental and would constantly worry if people were in or out of the rental on time. Now I don't worry at all.
We researched other resort lock systems that were similiar in price, but charged maintenance fees in order to keep issuing the codes. The eRentalLock system includes both a computer-based and IP-based software to set up your codes without any additional costs. We don't even use the computer based software because it is so convienent to access the system right from your smartphone if need be. I even let a guest back into the rental after she lost a code while I was halfway around the world on business!
I'd recommend these locks to anyone with a vacation rental - ***** 5 star Rating. "

-Brendan Lahiff
Lake Tahoe, CA, USA

"I am totally satisified with eRentalLock product. It was a very easy install and has worked so well that we are going to be purchasing a second lock for our vacation home in Florida. I contacted technical support twice for questions I had and was suprised how quickly and easily I was able to get my questions answered. I highly recommend the eRentalLock products. "

-Anne & Bob Voisinet
Coventry, RI, USA

"I would like to thank you for developing the best vacation rental lock system I have seen and for being a company with customer service that actually means it!
My wife and I had to recently relocate to care for an elderly parent, and to assist with our expenses, have begun renting our home in San Francisco to those on vacation. After extensive research into various vacation rental lock systems, we chose your eRentalLock system for two major reasons:
• It was a system that once past the initial set up and installation did not require us to be physically present to set codes for maintenance and repair workers. We are extremely restricted in time because of eldercare, and we do not have the flexibility to be physically present to do such things. If we need to provide access to housekeepers or a plumber on an emergency basis, we can do so without being there.
• It was the only system that did not depend on Internet access to work. While the Internet is always “up”, sometimes the devices that access it are not and then have to be reset. We are all familiar with having to push a reset button on a home modem or WiFi access point when Internet connectivity has dropped and needs to be reestablished. The eRentalLock System does not have this need for Internet access or the potential problems this causes, and the demand that someone be physically present to resolve.
And the eRentalLock System and Company delivers on its promises. Documentation and installation was straightforward, simple, and we were up and running in about an hour. Since installation, its use has been flawless.
You truly have a brilliantly designed and superb product! To anyone considering a vacation lock system, you will not go wrong with this one!!! It is worth every penny. "

-Robert D.
San Francisco, CA, USA

"The lock system, once set up properly, has performed flawlessly. I am very happy with it. I am please the the mobile app is now available. Thanks so much for your great support. As a very satisfied customer, I will be recommending your service and products to any & all those in the market. "

-Ken Edelson
Delray Beach, FL USA

"We have been using the eRentalLock system for almost two years now. It works great for us and our rental guests. We do not have to hassle with mailing keys to our guests and then worrying that someone may have made a copy of it. Our guests can share the access code with their group and not have to worry that someone doesn't have a key. This is important as we rent to large groups and there would not be enough keys to go around. It is also great that the access code expires when you want it to so you don't have to worry about someone coming back later uninvited. I highly recommend the eRentalLock system. "

-Tom Manderbach
Charlotte, NC, USA

"When buying locks for our villas we wanted something reliable, easy to use and long lasting. Having used an eRL-08 for the past couple of years we knew that the technology would suit our needs and the high quality Schlage locking mechanism completed the perfect package, so we purchased more eRL-BE365 deadbolt locks for our new villas. The eRL-BE365 deadbolt locks have been working flawlessly for around 6 months and present the perfect image as they still look brand new. We never have lost keys or guests arriving earlier or leaving later than they should. Having looked at other products we simply couldn't find anything else so powerful, reliable and durable. We simply wouldn't be without these locks."

Villa Holidays LLC
Clermont, FL, USA

"After many months of research to find not only the best deal but the most user friendly lock system (one without a recurring monthly fee and easy to use instructions for my guests) I decided to purchase my locks from eRentalLock.com. I debated about spending the money even though eRentalLock's prices are much better than the competition. However after having yet another incident of a guest attempting to enter my property nearly four hours ahead of check-in (had my cleaning staff not been there I would never have known as I manage the property from two hours away and used to use lock boxes for key retrieval) I couldn't take it any longer and decided to purchase locks for all of my properties. I am sure that this simple step has already saved me hundreds of dollars in utility costs from sneaky guests entering the properties early.
The locks are so simple to install I even did it with a broken wrist! Programming was a snap, and after two months I still can't believe how amazing this product is. Before eRentalLock I would constantly get calls from guests saying that the lock box combination on the house was not working properly or that they had lost the keys. Since installing the locks I have not had a single call! My staff loves the fact that they don't have to carry so many keys or change lock box combinations and I LOVE being able to enter every property in seconds without having to find the right key!
Why eRentalLock? Simple, they offer the best product for the money! Also, the locks come with emergency keys. I also appreciate the fact that the keyhole is disguised with a magnetic cover to protect from the elements as my vacation rentals are in a ski area. Thanks to eRentalLock I am even considering purchasing vacation rentals in more distant locations. I no longer feel that I have to be nearby in case there is a problem with a guest not being able to get into the property. With eRentalLock I have a new sense of freedom and ease. Thank you for this product and I wish I would have bought them much sooner! "

-Ari Gold
Clubview Cottages
Big Bear Lake, CA, USA

"We love using the affordable eRentalLocks for our vacation rental condos and especially like the ability to remotely create time-sensitive guest codes, whether it’s by using their software on our office computer or on their website when we’re not at the office. We’ve used keyless entry locks in the past that cost twice-as-much, require a monthly-subscription to get long 10-digit guest codes, and don’t even offer guests the option of creating their own 4-digit PIN code that easy to remember. Mt. Hood Condos has been serving vacationers since 2003 and the reliable eRentalLocks have definitely given us the biggest bang-for-our-buck!"

-Bruce & Michele Dunn
Mt. Hood Resort Condos
Welches, Oregon, USA

"So far so good and only positive feedback from my guests and the gal that inspects our villa after each cleaning. She finds it superior to the other similar lock which she is familiar with as they are installed on some of the properties she manages. My initial attraction to the eRentalLock was its lower cost compared to its competition. I often  believe you get what you pay for, but I took a chance on the eRentalLock  based on cost alone, figuring if I did not like it, the investment was not too high and I would try another. But the eRentalLock has not let me down. My guests love not having to carry a key with them and the beauty for me as an owner is the lock has enabled us to rent 100% direct. We have owned our property almost 5 years and this is the best rental year yet…we only had one unoccupied  week all summer. More renters direct means increased profit for the owner. The service support through eRentalLock has been exceptional. I would highly recommend this product."

-Li z Jamieson
Atlanta, Georgis, USA

"I am new to the vacation rental business. I just have one house that I rent out, but I wanted to buy a lock that I felt the most practical. I am sure like most vacation rental owners, I did not like the idea of having of providing all of my guest with set of keys. Not to mention the late arrivals due to traveling headaches and having to try and schedule times to meet the vacationers to let them into the house.
I was not really concerned about the vacationers keeping keys but was concerned about the possibility of copies being made. I was thinking it would be safer for myself and my future guests by reducing the chance that keys might be made. The rare chance that some guest might come back in the future and remove some of my furnishings or take things from any guests in the house at the time.
I started looking just at keyless locks where I could give the renters a pin to open the door. While this works for not having to give everyone keys, I would still have to reset the lock in person to make sure that the pin number did not work to let that guest into the house in the future. As many vacation rental homes as there are on the market, I did not believe that I was the only person with this problem. So I searched the Internet for a solution. Happily, I came across several vacation rental locks.
The main one I liked was one that allowed access from the Internet and my iPhone. This lock could tell if the lock was locked or not and set different pins remotely, and tell you the times everyone opened and locked the door. I did more research and found that this had a monthly fee. I was not interested in paying a monthly fee especially when it was gong to be using my Wi-Fi that I paying for every month. Not to mention it requires you to hire a company to install an expensive control box and the lock. I was quoted approximately $2,000. The expense was just too great.
Then I came across locks that let you create codes that only last for a period of time. I thought this could be the solution since I could install it myself and could provide every renter with a code that starts and expires during my renters stay. But I saw that lock requires a monthly fee to use their website to create the access codes. I thought I could be held hostage if they decided to increase their fees and I did not want to pay fees every month or at all anyway.
Next I noticed the locks by eRentalLock. I saw that it worked very similar to the lock which I have to pay monthly fee, but generating the codes on the website were free. Then I saw they give you a free copy of the software to generate codes. This way I would not be held hostage if they later decided to charge for accessing their website to generate codes. Because of the great support I received in responding to my questions from eRentalLock and the important option of giving me a copy of the software to make sure generating codes would be in my control, I chose the eRL-BE365 deadbolt lock from eRentalLock.
I practiced with it before installing it. In talking with eRentalLock, I found out that it is the only lock that accounts for Daylight Savings Time automatically. The others require you to physically reprogram the lock when Daylight Savings Time occurs. I emailed several of my upcoming renters the automatically generated email when generating codes using the website with no problems. I got emails back from the guests happy that they could let themselves in when they got to the house. The guests had no problem accessing the lock and setting a shorter pin.
My sister has a vacation rental property in Orlando and she lives in New York. She currently has a keyless lock, but asked me to let her know if I was happy with the eRentalLock so she will buy one. Well I am very happy to recommend the eRentalLock to my sister for her property. "

-C. Rones,
VRBO Listing 255141
Washington, DC, USA

"My husband and I have a vacation property in the mountains of Colorado. After much research on the different types of locks that are out there, we decided to go with the eRL-08 lock, as it sounded like the best option. We have been nothing but extremely pleased with the function of the lock, and not to mention the FANTASTIC customer service we get every time we have any kind of problem. Such as when the hard drive on my computer crashed and we lost the program to generate codes, the erental lock team helped us immediately to be able to get right back on track, without any hassle to our renters.
The lock was easy to install, and is high end in appearance on the front of the home. The program is simple and easy to use (even for someone not so computer savy like me). It's so easy, the program even sends the emails to my customers for me with their access code information! And we love the fact we can manage it all ourselves from right at home, without relying on an outside company, with their monthly fees, to set the lock and generate codes.
I am more than happy to recommend this product to anyone who needs a beautiful, quick, and easy to install and use door lock!"

-Jena and Scott Eddy
VRBO Listing 93219
Bailey, Colorado, USA

"Your eRL-BE365 lock system is exactly what I was looking for to put on my rental property. It works GREAT and my guests find it easy to use. I feel confident there are no keys floating around and my property is secure. Your support has been extremely quick in responding when I needed assistance. Great product!"

-Gina Fox
Fox Woods Lodge, MI, USA

"I am great! The lock is great. The tenants love it. I have had many tenants since I purchased it and they have had no problems with it at all. They like not having to take a key to the pool. I'm also sure they feel more secure, because they are, when I give them the dates within which the code will work. Not only is it more convenient than mailing the key, but also I feel secure in the fact that the previous tenant cannot get in. If I get a renter or a fix it person who I don't trust, I don’t have to go to the expense of changing the lock. Also, the code generation worked for me way up in the rain forest in Puerto Rico. I simply emailed it to my tenant and he got in. One of my tenants who owns a rental place wants me to send her the link to eRentalLock website so she can buy one. The customer service was amazing when I installed it myself. They held my hand every step of the way after hours (till 10 PM). It is a solid, sophisticated product and it's nice looking. Love it! I forgot to point out that I live in Chicago and the lock is in my condo in Florida. Thanks this product was everything I wanted it to be! When you're a long distance landlord, this is such a great help. "

-Karen Salas
Chicago, Illinois, USA

"I wanted to write and express my happiness with eRentalLock lock, not only did it help me to eliminate my property manager since I live 8 hours away. I'm now able to manage my own property saving me that 25% I was paying in fee's, my lock actually paid for it self my 1st year of being my own property manager. The lock has exceeded my expectation and the support I received from the IT staff is great day or night. Recommend this lock to anyone who has rental property gives you control from a great distance."

-Kevin Brim
Woodbridge, Virginia, USA

"Went looking online for a combo lock for our vacation rental.  I assumed I would end up with an internet based system.  But after lots (and I mean lots) of research, I decided on eRentalLock.  The reasons were many.  To name just a few, it's more reliable because you don't have to rely on the internet (your internet ever gone down?).  Much cheaper.  Internet based locks cost $500+ not to mention the monthly service fees on top of that.  Also, the eRentalLock has several useful features not found in similar locks.
Installation is as easy as replacing/installing a door knob.  Programming and using the lock are both simple and straightforward.  
I used to work for a software company, so I tested the lock functionality pretty thoroughly before installation.  I didn't encounter any problems or issues.  Quality and workmanship of the lock were even better than I expected.  It also looks great.  When asking questions, the response from support was quick and, more importantly, the answers were accurate.
I felt I made the right decision when I purchased the eRentalLock, and am even happier with my purchase after using it."

- Ed Bettencourt
San Clemente, California, USA

"Just two words - eRentalLock is amazing product.
When I have first read about this lock on the internet I was very sceptical. No Internet or other connection? No way - impossible!!!
But when I started learning more how it works I was just blowen away. It is a genius idea. Why I didn't think about it earlier???
I bought it last year and installed on my vacation apartment in Panama. It works like a charm. It is now my favourite toy. Installation is not harder than the regular lock. Programming is very easy and strait forward.
It's really well spent money. I would recommend this lock to anybody. Five out of five."

- Jaroslav C.
Go to PANAMA - the gem of two Americas!
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"The eRL-08 lock has worked very well for us and for our tenants. The lock was installed in our Lanikai rental cottage 18 months ago and has not had any problems. Lanikai is a beautiful location but has a tropical island atmosphere with occasional heavy winter rains. The lock has shown no signs of the salt air corrosion common with hardware here. BTW, we are on the original set of batteries. During remodeling of the property the lock served well controlling access by sub-contractors. The instructions must be followed exactly—as with any computerized product but they are precise and easy for tenants to use."

- Tom Moore
Hawaii, USA

"I have personally found the eRL-08 to be extremely functional and reliable. It works exactly as advertised, simplifies the issuing of door codes and has greatly improved the security of our property. The after sales service has been incredible and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the product."

Villa Holidays LLC
Clermont, FL, USA

"After a lot of time researching all the rental locks available, we selected and purchased our vacation home rental locks from eRentalLock.  They impressed us with their responsiveness to our questions and we were not disappointed when the locks arrived.  The quality of the hardware is superb and the locks were so easy to install that anyone with a screwdriver can do it.  The included software package was also easy to install and extremely simple to use.  The software and the locks make remote management of our vacation rentals so much easier and have saved us a lot of money that we otherwise would have paid to someone to manage our keys for us.  Our guests are also impressed with how simple it is and how well it works!  We highly recommend this company to anyone considering the purchase of a vacation rental lock system."

- Mark & Judy Shaughnessy
La Quinta, CA, USA

"Shortly after purchasing our eRL-BE365, we were taken through the computer setup with ease. We received emails just checking to make sure everything was working properly. When we did have a question, it was addressed immediately and we were very impressed. We love the look on our rental unit and the quality of the lock is super. It is so easy to use and the keyless entry totally eliminates the need for keys which is a real bonus for our renters, as well as our whole family. Our adult children all have their own codes. We can highly recommend eRentalLock for its exceptional quality and service."

- Mary O'Flaherty
North Vancouver, BC, Canada

"We live in Edmonton and have a ski/golf resort rental property in Kimberley, BC.  Our eRentalLock allows us to easily manage specific and “to the minute” access for our guests and cleaning staff who are 7 hours away.  It gives us tremendous peace of mind to know that the eRentalLock is at work keeping our property safe and sound."

-Curtis & Laurea Shenher
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"With my rental condo located about 3 hours form my home, it was completely inefficient to be arranging to exchange keys to renters, maintenance people or the resort management. After searching the web, I came across eRentalLock. It sounded good to be true and I had to consider the possibilities that if it didn't work, I'd be in a position to possibly have to replace a whole new entrance door and new locking system, be out lots of money and still have no solution. But I took a chance, ordered the lock and a few days later it arrived. Installation of the hardware was a breeze as was the software. I have used it over and over again for the past year and it works perfectly. A really great system with absolutely no criticism for this company. Any questions I did have were responded to be eRentalLock in a timely and courteous manner. Thanks eRentalLock for the great product and support."

-Rob Marus
Vancouver, BC, Canada

"I've been using the eRentalLock for nearly a year at my vacation rental. The lock is built like a tank and is easy and even fun to use. We love it, and so do our renters."

-Bruce Pavel
Tiburon, CA, USA

"Thanks for your support and excellent customer service. Your eRentalLock is just what my cabin needed. I have owned your product now for 1 month with no problems. The code generator is very easy to use and our guest love that they do not have to carry a key. No more lost, broken keys or difficulties of a mechanical lock box. I highly recommend this lock to anyone in the lodging industry. The guest also like that they can change their code to a personal pin of their choice. Thank you again and keep up your excellent customer service. All of my questions were promptly answered and when I called phone answered. Thank you"

-Lawrence Quon
Owner “Cougar’s Tree House Retreat"
Big Bear Lake, CA, USA

"Being new rental property owners who lived more than 3 hours from the property, we wanted to find a solution that made it easy for us to manage the property while making it easy for the renters. The eRentalLock system has allowed us to do that. With this system, we haven’t had to worry about getting keys to people, could setup times when the management company can get in and out so that they don’t have free reign of the system. The eRentalLock has made property management easier."

-Michael H. Drobnis
Springfield, VA, USA

"Excellent product! Easy installation and programming, fast delivery. I am very satisfied with my lock and the best part is that you don't to pay monthly to use the website access code AAAA+++!!! "

-John Velazquez
Trujillo Alto, Puerto Rico

"I wanted to tell you how wonderful our eRL-FE595 lock is doing! I never have to worry about passing out entry codes and having them floating around! The unique code concept is wonderful and I have peace of mind! Our renters have found it easy to open and reset their own code. I will tell you that I had tried "another company" prior to finding yours. That other lock didn't work all that well and I was a little worried about trying a similar concept again...but my fears were unfounded! Your support was stellar, I found I had a lot of questions that you answered so patiently. I so appreciated that. I have plans to open a business in the future that will require several of these locks so clients can have access. I plan on using your product!! "

-Gina Vesco
Clinton Township, MI, USA 

"This lock has taken all the worries out of ensuring our on site manager would set the right lock combination for our next guest. I now have the certainty of not worrying about the code as I am in control of that part of the rental process. By the way the installation was very straight forward and the instructions were excellent."

-Stephen and Kaysi
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

"After being stronly recommended by a friend and my property manager, I purchased the eRL-FE595 eRentalLock about two months ago. I could not be happier. The on-line customer service is THE BEST service that I have ever experienced. The tech support has been there for me every step of the way. He walked me through the computer set up step by step. I did hire a locksmith to install the lock, but only because my door and existing lock was over fourty years old. It was an easy job for the locksmith and he was also able to re-key my sliding glass doors to the same key that came with the eRL-FE595 eRentalLock. To say nothing of how easy the lock is to program, how easy it is to e-mail the renters the directions to get in our property and how well our renters like the lock, we love using it. There is no more constant searching for the key, wondering who has the key, who lost the key - we simply walk out of the villa and re-enter with our easy to remember four digit code. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants an affordable, easy to use lock system with a great support system to stand behind their product. ."

-Debbie Staley
Hilton Head Island, SC, USA

"Discover Vacation Rentals owns multiple vacation properties throughout Canada, USA, and Central America. We like the eRentalLock system so much that we are replacing all normal keyed door locks, and other electronic door lock systems at all our properties that don’t have onsite property management. We’ve basically managed to eliminate all of our previous problems in handing out keys, or providing digital codes that had to be set on site. No more problems in getting guests a physical key, or where the local staff didn’t code the door to the codes that went to the guest.
Customers like being able to set their own short entry codes upon arrival as they can pick codes they’ll remember. If a guest has a problem we can now step them through the process from anywhere in the world with a phone or decent VOIP connection, such as, Skype. No more guests stranded outside our properties while we try to get a local person with a key onsite to let them in. We can generate a code, that works instantly, in a couple minutes while being 3000 miles away.
In one case we shipped the locks to a remote location in Ontario, Canada and the local handyman had a problem getting the lock codes synching with the online code generating system. The support team at eRentalLock worked with the person onsite to get two locks functioning perfectly and we’ve had many guests successful use the locks since.
Now that the locks are installed our only costs are to replace the batteries yearly. No monthly costs, like with some other systems we looked at. From the first lock we ordered for a place in Kissimmee, Florida when we weren’t sure about this company called eRentalLock to many locks later we’ve come to trust the company and know they’ll ship their product as described and stand behind each lock. Overall I’m extremely satisfied with the locks we’ve purchased. "

-Larry Kron
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada

"We are very pleased with our eRentalLock. From 100 miles away it allows me to rent out my condo without giving out keys. It has worked flawlessly this past year, for renters, housekeeper, and contractors. It was a great investment! "

-Diane Goepp
Fountain Valley, CA, USA

"I looked around a lot before deciding on erentallock and have to say it's met all my expectations. I love it, my guests love it, my housekeeper loves it. It's really made our life easier. I actually bought two eRL-FE595 and set them up so the same code works on both the front and back door. Installation was a snap and erentallock customer support is top-notch. If we purchased another rental, an erentallock would be the first thing I would buy."

San Diego, CA, USA

"We have been using our eRentalLock for the past year and a half with great success! Our rental cabin is 800 miles from our home, so it was important to find a way to easily manage granting access to the cabin not only for our guests but also our housekeeper and maintenance people. Setup and installation of the lock was easy and the software needed to create guest codes is straightforward. We also appreciate not paying a monthly "maintenance fee" that similar products on the market require. eRentalLock's customer service has always been very quick to respond to any questions we have had before and after purchasing the product.
We will definitely purchase an eRentalLock again should we decide to build another rental cabin in the future! "

-Max & Jenn W.
Seattle, WA USA

"The eRL-08 lock has been installied in our rental property in NH for nearly 9 months now and it has operated flawlessly. It's a brilliant innovation and has saved our business time and effort as we now need not ship keys to our customers. Many thanks ."

-David Wild
Chelmsford, MA, USA

"I wanted to thank you for the eRL-FE595 lock. It has been installed for over six months now at our condo and it is working better than I could have imagined. It is truly a quality product. I love the fact that there is no monthly fee as with the competitive units. Our renters have expressed that they like being able to create a personal, easy to remember 4 digit code that only they know. That is an important and major feature. I have recommended your locks to my friends and associates. Thank you for a quality product."

-Don Russel
Noblesville, IN, USA

"I am a rookie property owner/manager who lives in a different city from my lake house. I was very nervous about getting this set up correctly. The tech support from eRentalLock was with me every step of the way. I must say I was nervous at first that there was no telephone number for my safety net, but his emails came within hours of my questions. Even on MEMORIAL DAY! I was at the property doing the installations and was leaving that day. What a guy!
The system has now been working for 2 months, 6 different renters, 2 employees and not one gliche. This system and the people who back it up make my life very easy as a property manager and I recommend it highly. "

-Betty Smiles
Erie, PA, USA

"I want to thank you for providing such a great rental lock. I recently purchased the eRL-BE365 deadbolt for my rental home on the Oregon coast. I live in North Carolina so I desperately needed a way to control access to my home for guests, cleaners and maintenance people. Using a standard lock box with a key was not the easiest or safest way to control access to my home. The new eRentalLock has solved my problem.
I was able to install the lock in about 15 minutes. I just removed the old lock and installed the new one. It was a perfect fit. Setting up the lock took about 15-20 minutes. I was able to follow the instructions and program the initial master codes in the lock without any problems.
I have used the new lock for a couple of renters and cleaning people. It is so easy. I simple access the program, enter the start and end date of the rental and email the access code and instructions to my guests. I have followed up with my guests to make sure they were able to use the lock and follow the instructions. So far everything is GREAT. My guests say the lock was easy to use. They liked the ability to create their own personalized access code. For me this is a big relief as I no longer have to worry about getting them a key, making sure they return a key and re-keying all the locks every year or so.
I also want to express my thanks for the excellent customer service and quick response I received from your support team. It is not often you are able to find someone to answer questions or provide advice on a Saturday. I don't expect customer service to function seven days a week, but I appreciate all the extra time you make yourself available to assist your customers.
I would definitely recommend your lock and company to anyone considering purchasing the eRentalLock."

-Jeff Sather
Waxhaw, NC, USA

"I own a rental property in St Thomas USVI and managing keys upon check-in and check-out was always an issue. And renters were always losing keys as well. We installed the eRL system and it couldn’t be easier to manage access for renters, the cleaning staff as well contractors. The renters find it easy to use and are happy to never have to work about keys on vacation! "

Wilton, CT, USA