"...... My guests love not having to carry a key with them and the beauty for me as an owner is the lock has enabled us to rent 100% direct. We have owned our property almost 5 years and this is the best rental year yet......"
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If you live in Los Angeles and own a vacation rental property in Florida, how do you manage your daily rentals?

Using the eRL Smart Lock System, it's as easy as 1-2-3.


Why eRentalLock?

    No Need Internet and Wireless Network Connections

  • Allows you to be in control of your rental property anytime - You are still able to generate Access Codes in case of power outages or network connectivity issues associated with relying on the Internet or wireless network.

  • Convenient and Time/Cost Efficient

  • Ease to control access - The free cloud-based eRL Code Generation Programs allow you to easily and remotely grant access to any property from anywhere in the world.
  • One-time purchase - There are no hidden or monthly service fees attached to the use of eRL Code Generation Programs, which are a low price alternative to other similar system services that charges additional fees.
  • More convenient for you and your guests - There is no more need for face-to-face meetings to hand your guests the key or keycard as the computer generated time-sensitive Access Code allows to be sent to your guests by email, phone or fax. This can be done days or months in advance to their booking. Guests are also able to create their own Personalized Code, which is easier for them to remember.
  • Automatically adjusts Daylight Saving Time (DST) - This adjustment is automatic for any time zone in the world, which is convenient for you as it reduces the hassle of going to your property physically to adjust it yourself.
  • Ease installation - You have the option to choose between an assortment of deadbolt and latchbolt eRL Smart Locks that come in a variety of finishes and styles. The easy installation and replacement process only takes about 30 minutes that only involves the use of a screwdriver.

  • Reduces Security Risks Associated with Using Key or keycard

  • Time-sensitive Access Codes - Guests can only use a temporary Access Code to access to your property for the given amount of time you set for them. This reduces liability and security issues associated with use of permanent Codes and eliminate risks for key duplication.
  • Disabling Access Codes - You can disable valid Access Codes at anytime. This allows you to have more control on who enters your property.
  • Audit Trail - Free 2-in-1 cloud-based eRL Code Generation Program allows you to keep track of the following:

    WHO entered: All persons entering your property, e.g. guests, cleaners and service persons.
    WHEN they entered: The program tracks the date, time, and Access Codes used for the last 1,000 events in your eRL Smart Lock. Thus, it allows you to have more control over your rental property as well as allowing you to check back on Audit Trail Records if security issues ever arise.

  • Convenient for Multiple Property Managements

  • More than 5'000 eRL Smart Locks have been installed by www.TurnKeyVR.com on the properties they manage in different markets/weather across the country without any problem.
  • Group Access Codes - The eRL Code Generation Programs enable you to generate a single group Access Code that can be used to access all properties classified in the same group by you. This means that instead of undergoing the painstaking process of generating a bunch of Access Codes for each personnel, each personnel can be given one group Access Code for more convenient to access multiple properties during the times that is allowed. For example, the housekeeper is given one group Access Code to access all properties in that group for cleaning purpose, and the maintenance person is given another group Access Code to access all properties in that group for maintaining purposes.
  • Multiple control program accounts - This operates at three different privilege levels:
    Level 1 account: Full access to every function in the eRL Code Generation Program. This means the ability to do everything in the eRL Code Generation Program.
    Level 2 account: Can only generate Access Codes in the eRL Code Generation Program.
    Level 3 account: Can only view generated Access Codes in the eRL Code Generation Program.
  • Code Generation Program API - Easy to be integrated with any PMS system, e.g. www.lodgix.com, www.ownerreservations.com, www.itrip.net, www.vacationrentpro.com, www.reservationkey.com, www.ChargeAutomation.com, and etc. to generate Access Codes automatically.

  • High-Durability and High-Quality Smart Locks

  • Weather resistant for mechanical and finish - Grade 2 ANSI/BHMA certified eRL Smart Locks are built to withstand tough weather conditions such as high humidity and salty environments which oceanside properties often exist in. You won’t have to worry about any corrosion, rust or functionality issues.